Vision Systems

Solve Product and Application Challenges with Automated Inspection

Delivering Comprehensive

Machine Vision Solutions

Transform your productivity with automated inspection systems. Whether you are bringing a new product to market or working to improve quality and traceability, EPIC enables you to bring your ideas to reality.


Custom-Engineered Systems

High speed, high tolerance inspection systems. 
EPIC custom designs systems to meet the most complex inspection challenges.


Parts Inspected


Inspection Accuracy

Parts Per Minute

Rates are dependent on the application and other variables.

Vision System


Damages & Defects

Catch and resolve defects and damages in real time, guaranteeing only high-quality products come off your production line.

Characters & Codes

Ensure product safety while maintaining product quality:


  • Dot matrix and non-dot print
  • OCR and OCV
  • Lot, date, and bar codes
  • 1D and 2D bar codes (QR codes and custom artwork)
  • Track and trace capabilities

Seal Integrity Inspections

Assure safe, reliable products and maintain consumer confidence:


  • Seal contamination (product in seal inspections)
  • Holes
  • Channel leakers
  • Cuts

Alignment & Positioning

Guarantee consistency and reliability in every finished product:


  • Graphic position and alignment
  • Misaligned and mislayered webbing
  • Missing and misapplied labels and lids
  • Part position feedback systems

Match & Verification

Prevent recalls and returns, execute quality control at pace and scale:


  • 2-piece containers
  • Ensure lid and label artwork match
  • Cover and container match
  • Artwork and recipe verification

Filling & Orientation

Improve productivity and stay competitive by automating complex inspections:


  • Bottle presence and orientation before filling
  • Spray trigger or cap orientation
  • Overfilling and leaking
  • Foaming detection
  • Dip tub insertion

Other Inspections

Custom solutions for discrete manufacturing inspections tailored to your product needs. Inspect for:


  • 360-degree bottle inspection
  • Perforation presence and depth
  • Graphical inspection

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Technology Partners

EPIC only selects the best equipment and instrumentation for your system. Our responsibility is to provide you with a successful solution.


Success Stories

High-Speed Bottling Line Inspection for a Bottle and Cap with a Unique Shape

High-Speed Bottling Line Inspection for a Bottle and Cap with a Unique Shape

EPIC designed, integrated, and installed a high-speed custom vision inspection system that met the customer’s strenuous expectations for speed and efficiency. This involved multiple custom parts to fit the brand’s unique bottle shapes, as well as a full integration of the product’s production and packaging lines.

Epic Advantage

Project Methodology

At EPIC, we’re not just providers of vision systems; we’re partners in your journey towards manufacturing excellence.

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