Visitor Safety

The safety of our employees and our visitors is our most important job

“Safety transcends everything we do. We place our safety policy above the demands of schedules, the drive for productivity, and the pursuit of profit. For us, ensuring the safety of every individual is not negotiable; it’s the essence of our integrity and commitment.”

Paul Kirksey, EPIC Quality Assurance, Environment, Health and Safety Manager


your visit

We respectfully ask that you comply with the following safety requirements while visiting our facilities:


  • Eye protection
  • Foot protection
  • Hearing protection


protective equipment

Eye Protection

Safety glasses must be worn at all times in our fabrication plant. They must meet the following ANSI Z87 criteria:

  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Side shields

We can supply non-prescription safety glasses or the large, bulky safety glasses that fit over your eyeglasses. Please note: These are irritating to wear for extended periods. You will be much happier wearing your own prescription safety glasses.

Foot Protection

Safety shoes must be worn if you will be working in the fabrication area or witnessing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). We have a limited number of safety toe caps for those without safety approved footwear.

It is permissible to wear closed toe street shoes for plant tours and short visits to shuttle paperwork, etc. High heels are not recommended, even for short visits.


Hearing Protection

Normal plant activities do not typically require hearing protection.

Your host will offer ear plugs for visits during high noise conditions, or upon your request.

about our


EPIC’s 50,000 square foot fabrication facility is designed for cleanliness and quality. The space includes a dedicated Stainless Steel Shop, Carbon Steel Shop, Machine Vision Lab, and Electrical Panel Shop. EPIC fabricates all projects indoors and depending on project requirements assembles them outside.

Carbon Steel Shop

Stainless Steel Shop

Vision & Robotics Shop

Electrical Shop

Our solutions

EPIC Systems is a multidisciplinary engineering integrator specialized in industrial automation for process manufacturers. We deliver solutions in the following areas:

Process Systems

Machine Vision


Industrial Automation