Industrial Automation

EPIC is an Industrial Systems Integrator that focuses on the intersection where industrial automation systems and business IT systems meet.


IT And OT Capabilities

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, Industrial Automation makes the difference in your facility. Whether you’re working on a scale-up or automating systems for improved efficiency or safety, EPIC meets your business challenges. EPIC operates at the intersection of Industrial IT and Operational Technology (OT). Bringing together expertise on OT with IT systems, you will be able to gain real-time operational data, enabling immediate decision-making.


Real World Automation Needs

EPIC’s team works with you and your organization to solve real world problems through smart Industrial Automation solutions. Your business might also be faced with Operational Challenges like:

  • Increasing product demand with limited production output or manufacturing space
  • Regulatory changes that impede growth
  • Outdated equipment and control systems
  • Existing production processes that focus on manual labor
  • Longer lead times and missed delivery dates due to higher customer expectations
  • Changing economics of your supply chain or value chain
  • Competition from smaller manufacturers using new technologies
  • Cyber security concerns with operational data digitization and data management
Industrial Automation


High Speed Production

High speed production systems increase production speed and efficiency while maintaining accuracy and quality.


  • Upgrade networking and communication interfaces
  • Specify and implement new hardware and instruments
  • Improve operator user interfaces
  • Enable real time troubleshooting and intervention
  • Consolidate and direct real-time production data for decision making
  • Plant evaluations and system audits
  • System and line integrations

SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems ranging from a few dozen to millions of operational data points.


  • Use any commercial SCADA software.
  • Manage large scale industrial processes
  • Generate and understand real time data
  • Create remote monitoring capability

Process System Controls

Complete automated control systems that are cost effective, and easy to maintain.


  • Total turnkey automation packages
  • Control platform and HMI upgrades
  • Detailed electrical drawings
  • PLC & HMI programming
  • Instrument wiring, calibration and verification
  • Motor controls and VFDs

SIS System Implementations

Ensure safety standards and codes are being met for hazardous processes.


  • Classify specific application to correct SIL level
  • Specify proven instrumentation
  • Design safety instrument systems
  • Specify and implement approved controllers and PLC’s

Skid-Based Automation

Ground-up design build automation for process skids. 


  • Retrofit and system upgrades
  • New skid design
  • Instrumentation specification and selection
  • Integration and programming
  • FAT testing

Data Collection

We design and create complete data systems that compile all the information you need.


  • Designing controls
  • Custom software development to read and analyze data
  • Data capture and integration
  • Data historian to track operational productivity and capacity

Remote Monitoring

Manage your data and systems from anywhere.


  • Connect your central control system to remote sites
  • Monitor, control and manage operations at the site location
  • Wirelessly connect operations and processes to collect real-time systems data
  • Monitor your systems overall well-being
  • System design build
  • Local networking and connectivity

Networking & Infrastructure

Great OT is built on solid IT. IT integration services including: 


  • Design IT networks to support operational capacity
  • Choose equipment to support data transfer & enhanced communication
  • Use cloud based solutions for data management and storage
  • Optimize productivity with real time data and remote monitoring
  • Digital twinning

Formulation Changes and Recipe Management

Automate line and production changes. 


  • Instrumentation upgrades
  • Programming
  • Minor reconfiguration
  • Batch sequence changes

Obsolescence Upgrades

Aging equipment is a challenge. Components and instruments installed before the 2000s are hard to find, hard to replace, and hard to maintain.


  • Evaluate and catalog all your existing equipment
  • Deploy barcode inventory tracking to streamline part identification/lookup
  • Expedite the entire parts maintenance and ordering process for your facility
  • Link where available to OEM documents and manuals

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Technology Partners

EPIC only selects the best equipment and instrumentation for your system. Our responsibility is to provide you with a successful solution.

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Project Methodology

From idea to final product, EPIC automation and process engineers work together to deliver a successful solution fit for your specific needs.

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