Dedicated Fabrication Facilities for Stainless Steel Systems, Carbon Steel Systems, Vision and Robotics Systems, and Electrical Panels

“We take pride in delivering quality products that our customers want and deserve. Our craftsmen pay great attention to detail. They fabricate and assemble all types of unique projects on time, exceeding customer expectations.”

Jim Hennessey, EPIC Fabrication Manager



EPIC specializes in designing, fabricating, and delivering our clients’ projects on-time and on-budget. What sets EPIC apart is the depth and breadth of our fabrication capabilities:

  • Controlled plant environment
  • Dedicated fabrication shops
  • Unified approach

EPIC operates in a controlled plant environment with design, engineering, project management, and craftsmen completely integrated in one building. EPIC is your strategic partner. Our unified approach delivers your projects with stringent quality control, compressed project schedules, while reducing costs.



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50,000 square foot fabrication facility designed for cleanliness and quality. The space includes a dedicated Stainless Steel Shop, Carbon Steel Shop, Machine Vision Lab, and Electrical Panel Shop. EPIC fabricates all projects indoors and depending on project requirements assembles them outside.

Carbon Steel Shop

Stainless Steel Shop

Vision & Robotics Shop

Electrical Shop


Fabrication Capabilities

EPIC’s on-site fabrication team is equipped to handle the following challenges:

Sanitary Projects

EPIC has a dedicated stainless steel facility, tool sets, and an orbital welder to avoid cross-contamination.

Electrical Panels

EPIC designs, fabricates, and wires all electrical panels and components in-house in our panel plant.

Modular Process Projects

EPIC routinely builds large modular process systems in our fabrication plant which features high-clearance ceilings and loading dock doors.

Structural & Piping Projects

EPIC’s welding staff is fully equipped to complete all welding and piping projects. Capabilities include carbon steel, sanitary piping, aluminum, and Hastelloy’s.

Custom Projects

EPIC craftsmen, engineers, and project managers work together to ensure success. All projects leave the facility fully assembled, tested, and ready for installation.

Machine Vision Systems

EPIC machine vision technicians have dedicated labs with full access to fabrication facilities for development, testing, and installation.



On every project, EPIC upholds and accounts for all required safety specifications necessary for successful project completion. All engineers and craftsmen work under a steadfast commitment to strict FDA, ASME and AWS guidelines.


Success Stories

Advanced Pilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy Technology

Advanced Pilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy Technology

EPIC Systems successfully developed a custom pilot plant for biomass to liquid fuel conversion. The innovative solution, which utilized a multi-stage separation process, was safe for lab workers, could be easily relocated or repurposed, and provided a clear path to production-sized operations. 

Our Solutions

EPIC Systems is a multidisciplinary engineering integrator specialized in industrial automation for process manufacturers. We deliver solutions in the following areas:

Process Systems

Machine Vision


Industrial Automation