Upgrading from PLC5 to ControlLogix I/O within Tight Deadline

EPIC’s automation and controls team converted the client’s obsolete PLC5 chassis and its associated I/O to the advanced ControlLogix platform. This conversion was executed with precision to ensure minimal disruption to the client’s production schedule. Working tirelessly for seven consecutive weekends, the EPIC team met the stringent deadline, ensuring the successful upgrade of the customer’s control system without any impact on scheduled production.

Hygienic Process System Design



  • Industry: Consumer Goods
  • Company Size: Fortune 500 Company
  • Location: USA
  • Customer Use Case: Controls Conversions



A Fortune 500 consumer products company needed to upgrade its outdated control systems. The production line couldn’t afford interruptions as the product was highly in demand from major general merchandise stores. Any stoppages would have been costly and would have caused scheduling issues for subsequent production runs. The existing control system suffered from incomplete or non-existent electrical schematics, complicating the upgrade process. Also, reprogramming hundreds of I/O points across seven weekends posed a challenge. Lastly, there were unnecessary legacy code and programming issues that needed to be addressed and eliminated to ensure the long-term reliability of the systems. 



EPIC’s automation and controls team worked around the clock for seven consecutive weekends to quickly convert a client’s outdated PLC5 chassis and associated I/O to a new Allen Bradley ControlLogix platform. The team executed one complete conversion per weekend, rewiring and reprogramming hundreds of I/O points to bring the system up to date.  

Despite the absence of complete electrical schematics, EPIC navigated through the complexities, identified multiple power sources from unmarked origins, and diagnosed non-functional I/O points. 

Furthermore, EPIC’s team uncovered and corrected existing programming issues, eliminating unnecessary legacy code. They cleaned up the wiring and schematics to ensure ease of maintenance in the future. Additionally, they implemented a new Wonderware Intouch Interface to improve control data access for line operators and plant staff. 



  • Uninterrupted Production: EPIC’s seamless upgrade ensured uninterrupted production, safeguarding against costly stoppages and scheduling conflicts, maintaining consistent supply to major merchandise stores. 
  • Enhanced Reliability: By eliminating unnecessary legacy code and addressing programming issues, EPIC delivered a more reliable control system, reducing the risk of downtime and ensuring consistent operation. 
  • Simplified Maintenance: The streamlined wiring and improved schematics facilitated easier maintenance, reducing downtime for troubleshooting and improving overall system reliability. 
  • Operational Efficiency: Implementation of the new Wonderware Intouch Interface provided line operators and plant staff with improved control data access, enabling quicker decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency. 

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