Mobile Robotic Palletizing System Transforms Manufacturing Operation

EPIC Systems’ solution represented a shift in palletizing operations for the customer. By combining cutting-edge technology with meticulous engineering and a deep understanding of the customer‘s needs, EPIC Systems delivered a transformative solution that addressed existing challenges and set the stage for sustained efficiency, productivity, and growth. 

Hygienic Process System Design



  • Industry: Consumer Goods
  • Company Size: Over $10BB in Revenue
  • Location: USA
  • Customer Use Case: Mobile Robotic Palletizing System



A multinational consumer goods company faced significant challenges with their existing mobile palletizing system. The system was cumbersome and impractical, hindering efficiency in their manufacturing plant. Its size made it difficult to maneuver around different production lines, limiting its adaptability. Moreover, the system lacked versatility, as it couldn’t accept inputs from various directions – a critical requirement for the client’s diverse manufacturing needs. 



Understanding the necessity for a mobile and adaptable system, EPIC Systems engineered a robotic palletizing solution equipped with advanced robotics technology, enabling precise and efficient palletizing operations across the customer‘s manufacturing plant.   

The core feature of the solution was the innovative conveyor design. EPIC developed a conveyor with a quick disconnect infeed, facilitating seamless integration into the customer’s existing production lines. Solid directional mounts were strategically incorporated to allow production line inputs from the left, right, or center, ensuring compatibility with diverse manufacturing setups. 

Recognizing the customer’s need for versatility, EPIC prioritized adaptability in the cell design. The system featured the capability to switch between single and dual pick configurations seamlessly. This flexibility empowered the customer to handle a wide range of objects and palletizing patterns efficiently, without the need for extensive reconfiguration. 

EPIC leveraged a larger collaborative robot (COBOT), eliminating the need for fencing around the palletizing system. This integration not only enhanced safety but also expanded the system’s operational capabilities. The collaborative robot could palletize all requested patterns with precision and speed, further augmenting the solution’s efficiency. 

The system’s ability to palletize unassisted on both the left and right sides of the robot minimized idle time and maximized throughput. Additionally, the seamless transition between pallets ensured continuous production without interruptions, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. 



  • Maximized Productivity: By automating palletizing operations, the customer experienced a significant boost in productivity. The system’s ability to palletize autonomously on both sides of the robot optimized throughput, ensuring continuous production without interruptions or delays.
  • Operational Continuity: EPIC’s solution ensured uninterrupted workflow by seamlessly transitioning between pallets. This enhanced operational continuity minimized downtime and maximized output, enabling the customer to meet production targets consistently.  
  • Enhanced Flexibility: The solution provided unmatched versatility, accommodating over 40 different palletizing patterns with ease. The ability to switch between single and dual pick configurations empowered the customer to adapt quickly to changing production demands, ensuring agility and responsiveness.
  • Improved ROI: The ROI for the system was substantial, with tangible savings achieved by reducing labor costs associated with manual palletizing. By streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency, the solution delivered a compelling return on investment, driving long-term value for the customer.

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