EPIC Helps Customer Meet Their Regulatory & Sustainability Goals

EPIC’s innovative solution helped a multinational consumer products company to successfully upgrade its wastewater treatment system to meet new regulatory requirements. In addition, the solution led to significant cost savings and improved operational efficiency. 

Hygienic Process System Design



  • Industry: Consumer Goods
  • Company Size: Fortune 500 Company
  • Location: USA
  • Customer Use Case: Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Effluent Processing



A Fortune 500 consumer products company faced significant challenges in its wastewater treatment process, particularly concerning the removal of fats, oils, and solids to comply with new, stricter environmental regulations set by the local municipality. The runoff from their operations contained a high concentration of suspended fats, oils, and solids, leading to increased effluent disposal fees. Failure to meet the municipality’s new sustainability guidelines would result in rejection of the wastewater, posing a serious issue to the company’s operations. Furthermore, the company grappled with the need to install a new building to house an upgraded treatment system, fat buildup causing pipe blockages, and budgetary constraints. 



EPIC Systems managed the entire project from the design phase through the final startup, offering a comprehensive solution. First, EPIC cleared a pre-existing unusable structure from the job site and reinforced the pipe rack running above the building space to accommodate the new wastewater treatment building. Working with a subcontractor, EPIC oversaw the installation of a 2400 ft² pre-fabricated building, reducing costs compared to traditional construction methods. 

Following that, EPIC installed a complete HVAC system to cool the MCC controls room within the building. An Allen Bradley PLC was integrated to manage the flocculation system and Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) process, crucial for removing fat content in the wastewater. A heat trace system was added to the flocculation piping to prevent fat buildup and pipe blockages. The flocculation system seamlessly transitioned into the DAF tank, where high-pressure air was used to force fats and solids to the top of the tank, facilitating their removal. 

Additionally, EPIC installed a belt skimmer to scrape fats from the top of the tank into a hopper bin, and a trigger system was implemented to efficiently pump sludge into storage tanks for periodic removal. These solutions not only improved the efficiency of waste removal but also reduced operational costs. 



  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: EPIC’s wastewater treatment solutions ensured full compliance with the new local environmental regulations, safeguarding the company’s operations from potential disruptions or penalties. 
  • Cost Savings Through Efficient Waste Removal: By implementing advanced technologies such as belt skimmers and trigger-based sludge pumping systems, EPIC enabled the company to reduce operational costs associated with waste removal, offering a cost-effective solution for sustainable wastewater management. 
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: EPIC’s integrated approach streamlined the wastewater treatment process, optimizing the removal of fats, oils, and solids. This efficiency improvement not only met regulatory requirements but also enhanced overall operational productivity and resource utilization. 
  • Reliable Continuity of Operations: With EPIC’s reliable wastewater treatment infrastructure in place, the company could maintain uninterrupted operations, confident in the consistent quality of treated effluent approved by the municipality, ensuring business continuity. 

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