High Definition Line Scan Imaging Machine for Defect Inspection

EPIC System exceeded the customer‘s expectations, delivering a fully functional batch identification system with high-resolution imaging capabilities for QA purposes. The system provided detailed images showcasing product qualities and defects as well as streamlined the identification process, enhancing overall quality assurance protocols. 

Hygienic Process System Design



  • Industry: Specialty Chemical (Agriculture)
  • Company Size: Fortune 500
  • Location: USA
  • Customer Use Case: Damage and Defect Inspection



A Fortune 500 company approached EPIC with a critical challenge: they needed a custom vision system capable of delivering high-definition images of product details to detect defects within specific product batches. These products, with unique cylindrical shapes, required precise identification and inspection to meet rigorous quality standards. The client’s existing systems were unable to provide the level of accuracy and resolution necessary for their quality assurance processes. 



EPIC designed, fabricated, and integrated a state-of-the-art 2K color line scan imagery machine to showcase detailed product imagery in the highest possible resolution. The project successfully created a PLC-based integrated-control batch identification system that showed clear, high-resolution images of the products’ qualities and defects. 

The system exceeded the client’s high demands and requirements for each image passing through the servo-powered product line. It achieved a higher QA protocol than the client’s competitors. 

EPIC’s solution ensured that product inspection experts were sent detailed, high resolution images of product batches for Quality Assurance Inspectors to examine. The images were of such high detail it eliminated the need for these experts to visit each of the manufacturing facilities to conduct inspections. 

Product batches were first scanned using a 2D Cognex barcode for proper identification. The cylindrical products were then moved along to a high-speed revolving conveyor belt, where the vision imagery process began after the system’s operator used the pressure-activated start button.  

As the operator continuously placed product batches on the conveyor the system’s 2K color line scan cameras were activated. These cameras captured high-resolution images at the conveyor belt’s high speeds and displayed them on an HMI monitor programmed with lab view technology. 

The client achieved a fully functioning batch identification system that provides high resolution images to showcase the qualities and defects of batched products. The fully automated vision system for uniquely shaped products allows the company to have a higher QA protocol than its competitors. 




  • Higher QA Protocol: The fully automated vision system enabled the customer to maintain a higher level of quality assurance over competitors. With detailed imaging and precise identification, the customer could ensure that only batches meeting stringent quality standards were processed further. 
  • Improved Efficiency: By automating the identification and inspection process, the system reduced manual labor and minimized the risk of human error. This resulted in improved operational efficiency and throughput for the customer’s production line. 
  • Enhanced Productivity: The real-time display of high-definition images provided by the system empowered operators to make quick and informed decisions regarding product quality. This led to faster identification and resolution of defects, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. 

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