Three Reasons for Choosing a Turnkey Pilot Plant

by | EPIC Modular Process

pilot-plant-fabricationThere is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. We just think that the EPIC way is the most well rounded solution for not only us, but for each of our clients. Here is a turnkey example of a batch reaction-to-distillation pilot plant that was completed by EPIC.

EPIC was tasked with up-scaling a new formulation that replaced an asphalt additive with a bio-base polymer. Once the concept of up-scaling the pilot plant from a lab scale tested formula was completed, the go-ahead was given by the R&D client for front end engineering to be conducted in-house.

turnkey pilot plantContinuing to keep cost down, EPIC’s designers and experience fabricators were able to work cohesively to create a sustainable pilot plant that was capable of producing the process technology developed by the client. The particular plant also had the capability to test and produce variations of the original formula. An added bonus of hiring a company that has a process system design team, along with a process controls and automation division.

Post pilot plant assembly, all necessary electrical and hydro testing was conducted through EPIC’s quality assurance program. EPIC handled all logistical responsibilities, delivering the pilot plants to the customer’s job site on schedule. EPIC’s engineers then remained on site for start-up and commissioning of the two-phase pilot plant.

How does this answer the question of how EPIC brings value with a turnkey solution?

  1. pilot plant shipmentKeeping the elements needed to complete a pilot plant under one roof is the quickest way to get your system to production. This reduces labor costs and eliminates lead times that would delay a project if you decided to divvy up different phases of plant production.
  2. Working with EPIC mean accountability. The time and investment that is put into front end engineering ensures each client of the necessary steps required for proper pilot plant creation. The development of project scope by the EPIC engineers takes the burdens of project management off the clients that we work with.
  3. The EPIC advantage is having our state of the art fabrication shop only feet away from the same individuals that designed your pilot plant. This gives each client the benefit of work hand-in-hand with each engineer and fabricator that is assembling their system. Each of our clients has working relationship with the EPIC engineer that is there for each phase of pilot plant construction, from concept to start-up.

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