Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Plant with ThinManager

by | EPIC Industrial Automation

choose-thinmanagerAndy Wolf, a project engineer in our controls engineering group at EPIC Systems, became a ThinManager certified integrator. ThinManager is visualization management software that is widely used in manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Are you interested in upgrading to ThinManager? Below are ten reasons why you should consider upgrading your manufacturing facility:

1. Secure delivery of assets, HMIs, applications and more to the right person at the right time – You can control who sees what and when. ThinManager can tie into Active Directory so you can set different access levels or set up programs for different users, groups or roles. There are also different security levels of access that can be used depending on what fits your needs: Passwords, Biometric Finger Prints or Badge IDs.

2. Configurations allow terminals to be replaced within minutes instead of hours. According to ThinManager, it takes longer to take the terminal out the box than to replace it. Less downtime means more productivity which improves profitability.

3. ThinManager offers centralized management with the use of servers. Servers can be located in a clean, climate controlled area instead of the factory floor which increases the risk of failure due to environment and physical hazards. Hardware that is placed on the factory floor is built with minimal components to reduce costs and points of failure.
4. Traditionally, software would have to be installed on multiple PCs for each user. With ThinManager the software is maintained on servers, allowing multi-user access on multiple devices or workstations.

thingmanager5. Data and information can be delivered on different mobile devices securely allowing operators or plant managers to access information from anywhere in the plant. Through the use of QR codes, Bluetooth beacons, GPS and near field communication, information is delivered to mobile devices in real time while maintaining security.

6. Real-time plant operations can be monitored or even taken control of if needed. Each ThinManager client can have multiple monitors and view multiple operations at the same time.

7. You don’t need Thin Client hardware to use ThinManager. If you want to reduce your upfront costs, ThinManager can be used on traditional PCs, and you can slowly integrate or migrate thin clients as your operator station become obsolete or fail.

8. Traditionally some HMI SCADA Systems only allow one application per PC or Server. With ThinManager, clients can be configured to view multiple display servers allowing the users to view multiple applications at the same time. This feature reduces the hardware traditionally used to view multiple applications from one workstation.

9. System  offers view client redundancy. The ensures that the applications always make it to the factory floor.

10. System  supports the use of Virtual Machines. Virtual Machines can easily be integrated with ThinManager to monitor and manage the virtual resources.

If you would like to learn more, contact an engineer and a member of our controls engineering group will discuss this and all systems with you further…

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