hearing-conservation-mainpicEPIC Systems treats work place safety in the highest regard. When one thinks of PPE (personal protection equipment), safety shoes and safety glasses come to mind, but what about your hearing? More than 1/3 of the U.S. population is hearing impaired by age 65. Sound damage to your inner ear is irreversible. Taking simple steps throughout the course of your work day will preserve your hearing for years to come.

Here are a few helpful hearing conservation tips that will keep you from being another statistic:

  1. Wear hearing protection when being subjected to noise above 85db. Hearing protection is required when work environments average above 90db over the course of an eight hour work day.
  2. Be sure that your hearing protection fits properly providing a sufficient seal to your inner ear.
  3. Perform regular visual checks for damage to your hearing protection.
  4. Take advantage of audiometric testing. Testing will help you choose the best hearing protection and will monitor your hearing ability over time. EPIC will provide audiometric testing for any employees upon request.


These tips will contribute to preserving your hearing ability over the course of your lifetime. For more information on safety and helpful safety tips visit the EPIC blog and search for “safety”.

Your Safety is of EPIC importance. 

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