Hard Hat Safety Advice from our Modular Fabrication crew

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

A hard hat is a vital piece of safety equipment for anyone who works in the manufacturing field. If you find yourself working with a hard hat it should be a habit to inspect it for defects each day before putting it on and getting to work. The common misconception about hard hats is you only have to worry about…

  • Dentsmodular proccess
  • Cracks
  • Penetration
  • Normal everyday wear and tear

But what some overlook is the condition of the plastic materials which make up the hard hat. When these materials are exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation day in and out it can be detrimental to the overall rigidity of the hard hat. It is easy to tell if your hard hat is damaged by looking at the finish. If the hat in question is now fading with age it’s probably time to put it away. If you see flakes of the outer surface falling off that is another warning sign of a worn out hard hat. Here are some ways you can inspect your hard hat.

It is not a requirement for manufactures to include a specific life cycle for their hard hats. So it is up to you to make the call, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly you may be holding your life in your hands.

  • Color and finish of the hard hat should be glossy and like new.
  • Compressing the hard hats shell and seeing if it exhibits elasticity when released. There should be no residual deformations after this test.
  • Inspect inner suspension of the hat for any cracks or cut straps.

All in all it is very important that hard hat safety is taken seriously. It may be like an old friend putting an aged hard hat on each morning, but it is not worth the consequences. Our Modular fabrication team views hard hat safety as a top priority. Please take these steps into consideration next time you wear a hard hat, and remember to have an EPIC day.

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