Safety Glasses, Boots, Harness…Check, Check and Check

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Lift SafetyLet’s talk about safety. EPIC takes safety seriously. So serious that they have a position dedicated to ensuring EPIC meets all OSHA requirements. Paul Kirksey, EPIC’s Safety Specialist, teaches safety on various work safety topics.

In my first week I attended a session Paul taught about the importance of hearing protection. I learned that normal office levels can easily reach 80 decibels. Inside the shop it can get even louder and properly using the green ear plugs can make a huge difference in preventing long term hearing loss.

Listening to a safety session is great, but putting it into practice makes all the difference.

Prior to my first week of work I had no idea that I would be wearing safety glasses, steel-toed boots and getting hoisted nearly 60 feet into the air to snap some photos of a project.

I will admit I was nervous and had never been up in an Ariel Boom lift. However, my nerves were alleviated when I was securely harnessed and snapped in. Lenny, one of the assembly and fabrication technicians working on the project, took me and my coworker Maria into the air to view the 57 foot tower that is currently being constructed. Lenny made sure we were safe inside the lift and strapped in securely, expertly guiding the bucket to the best picture ops.


My responsibilities in the shop will mostly involve taking pictures. Even though I am not handling any chemicals or heavy equipment, I was told that each employee should feel safe. Steel toed or safety composite boots and safety glasses are a must, and hard hats are required when doing overhead work. Paul told me I should feel comfortable asking anyone any question and should always check if I was unsure. I know that whether I am on the ground or nearly 60 feet in the air I will always be safe while working at EPIC.

Fall Protection Safety with Maria and MollyHere are some of the Shop Safety Rules I learned this week:

  • General:
    Do not perform any task that you feel is unsafe.
  • Eye and Face Protection:
    Safety glasses are worn at all times in the shop. And welding hoods and face
    shields are used when working on projects.
  • Fall Protection:
    A safety harness must be worn at all times
    when working 6 feet or above on unguarded surfaces.
  • Foot Protection:
    No one is allowed to wear open toed shoes. Everyone must wear steel toed boots
    in the shop.
  • Hearing Protection:
    Earplugs are available to anyone upon entering the shop floor.

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