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How EPIC Handles System Design and Process Engineering Services

EPIC Systems provides process engineering services for a variety of chemical processes. We take on projects at various stages of development – whether P&IDs are developed or if there is only a process description.Engineers provide process engineering services in a plant

Process Engineering Services Defined

Process engineering focuses on the understanding and application of fundamental engineering to turn raw materials and energy into a product. So, process engineering services encompass the conceptualization, design, operation, control, optimization, intensification of systems. Outside of the actual process engineering, additional services, such as fabrication and integration, can take place.

Process Engineering Services Supported by EPIC

When an engineering firm takes on a turnkey approach, allowing for all disciplines to be completed by that firm, the customer receives consistent results and faster time to market compared to specialized firms. At EPIC we support the design, engineering, project management, fabrication, and commissioning of modular and stick-built process systems. We specifically offer process engineering services that support process design, process optimization, process intensification, process control, and physical design.

What are These Services and Why are They Important?

When thinking about process engineering services, it is important to know what is actually provided and why it matters to your organization.

Process Design

Process design includes the development of Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), Piping and Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs), and Mass and Energy balances (M&E Balances). At this stage, there is also an opportunity for process simulation to assist in the design of certain systems such as distillation columns or reactors.  Having a solid process design ensures that the system will perform the task it is designed for.

Process Optimization

Process optimization is the discipline of adjusting process parameters to improve the process without violating it. Most commonly, this means increasing production output and/or reducing cost. Not every process needs optimization, but an experienced process engineering firm will be able to apply best practices and industry knowledge to your system to improve it.

Process Intensification

Process intensification is the targeted improvement of a process through the unit operations to increase process efficiency, sustainability, or yield. Many times, process intensification and process optimization can go hand in hand. For manufacturers, the benefit from process intensification is obvious – any combination of a more efficient, more sustainable, or more impactful production process.

Process Control

Process control involves the electrical engineering and design of the process. In other words, process control is determining and executing how the various automated and manual components, instruments, and control logic will operate the system. When an engineering firm is able to think through the process control during the process design the customer can rest assured that the system will operate as planned when it is fabricated.

Physical Design

Physical design is the 2D and 3D design of a process system. At EPIC all our process systems are modeled in 3D so that the customer can visualize the system in their plant before it is fabricated. 3D designs also aid craftspeople during fabrication, allowing them to see how the completed system should look.


Fabricating a process system can happen in two different ways. Modularization, where unit operations, controls, piping, etc. are mounted onto a steel frame and skid that is ready to ship. Or stick-built systems, where process piping, unit operations, and controls are all assembled in the field. EPIC chooses to leverage modularization. This allows for faster delivery, safer fabrication environments, and more flexibility within the system design.


Integrating new process systems into existing plants is no small feat. From connecting piping and utilities, to integrating controls systems, an experienced process engineering firm will take all of these factors into consideration when completing the physical and process design of the systems – allowing for seamless integration when fabrication is completed.

Seeking Process Engineering Services?

Developing a new process? Considering a process optimization, improvement, or intensification initiative? Process engineering might be the next logical step for your project. EPIC’s turnkey model for projects and their process engineering services capabilities make us a great fit for projects like these. Contact EPIC online today or call 314-806-1678.

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