President’s Corner: Representing Value

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

EPIC’s strategy of using front end engineering is different than most process systems design and engineering firms. But that’s why is works. Using this method, EPIC adds more value to a project than the traditional stick/build engineering group that is going to provide a fixed bid quote.

With the value that EPIC brings with front end engineering and consistent quality assurance practices, clients are confirmed that they are doing business with the right people. With the extra elements that are absent when doing business with other firms, helping EPIC remain cash neutral for the duration of a project will guarantee a system that you are 100% satisfied with.

EPIC does not want to charge a client before the money has not been earned, nor do they want to be the sole provider of funds for a project. These items obviously contradict each other, so why does EPIC do business this way? It’s simple. This is the formula to create a win-win situation for the client and EPIC. By treating our clients as peers, just as we do with our vendors, and giving the respect that they deserve, both parties are able to work together to develop an action plan to sustain the cash flow for any pilot plant or industrial project. EPIC is proud to continue a healthy, working relationships with the clients that have been able to fully grasp this more-than-one-winner concept.

Want to know more about front end engineering? Contact one of of our EPIC engineers to discuss what it includes and how it will improve the quality and timeline of a pilot plant or industrial project.

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