pouch packagingHave you noticed the new trend at your local grocery store? Items that used to come in boxes, cartons or cups are now in re-sealable pouches. From dishwasher detergent to applesauce, pouch packaging is all around us.

So what is up with this new trend?

The Freedonia Group, Inc conducted a study and found that the benefits of pouches will create a huge demand for pouch packaging through 2018. Currently, most items found in pouches are food and beverage related, but as this trend continues to grow, we will see more consumer product manufacturers hop on the pouch packaging bandwagon.

Why pouches, what’s wrong with boxes?

Boxes are great, but pouch packaging has benefits and advantages for the manufacturer, retailer and consumer…

  • Customizable: They can be made in any shape or size required
  • Cost Effective: They are lighter in weight and require less material
  • Adaptable: Retailers can hang them on pegs or stand them up on a shelf
  • Reusable: They reseal making usage more convenient for consumer

These benefits and advantages are exactly why the demand for pouches will continue to grow over the next four years. Freedonia estimates that pouch packaging will increase 4.6% annually to $9.4 billion in 2018. pouch packaging machine

EPIC Packaging Systems is on board the pouch packaging bandwagon and looking forward to upgrading and integrating production lines to support manufacturer’s transition to pouches. Our packaging engineers have vast experience with upgrading, relocating and integrating packaging lines. We utilize our fabrication plant to assemble and test bag and pouch filling applications before they are installed into your manufacturing plant. Each packaging system performs to the customer’s requirements with a vertical start-up in the field, saving time and money.

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