Keep Up with the Jones’ – Don’t Wait to Upgrade from PLC-5 to ControlLogix

by | EPIC Industrial Automation

plc5-to-controllogixStill using PLC-5s? If so, you may want to consider a platform conversion  from PLC-5 to ControlLogix (CLX) soon. PLC-5s have been discontinued and are now obsolete, which poses risks if you are currently using them in your manufacturing plant.

What happens if you experience a failure? Do you have spare PLC-5 processors on hand, or are you going to overnight from eBay and pay extra? I don’t know about you, but relying on an outdated, unsupported control system makes me a little nervous.

It’s understandable that switching to CLX or another new, updated control system seems daunting, but risking an issue with a system that is outdated and unsupported isn’t comforting either. Plus, the quicker you make the switch, the quicker you will reap the benefits that CLX has to offer.

ControlLogix processors are faster, have more memory and will provide a performance boost at a lower cost. Issues are easier to diagnose, they are easily adapted to any application, and you may be able to replace two or more current PLC-5s with one CLX. In addition, ControlLogix processors are multicore for improved performance and the added memory allows for comments and larger programs.

With all the benefits of upgrading and risks of not, I’d say it is better to keep up with the Jones’ than to be a late adopter on this advancing technology.

EPIC’s automation team works with clients to upgrade unsupported control systems to newer, more versatile platforms (such as ControlLogix), with minimal hardware replacement. Much of the existing controls can be salvaged and translated to the newer systems, ensuring plants aren’t at risk of controls failure and can tap into these newer technologies.

We also provide a phased installation plan for a full system upgrade, which minimizes long periods of downtime. For example, during phase one, the processor could be replaced, utilizing the existing remote I/O racks in the various areas of the plant. During phase two, the I/O racks would be converted. This way plant operations are not highly effected during control platform conversions.

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