Watch: Pilot Plant Splits in Half for Shipping

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

The groups at EPIC put thousands of man hours into each pilot plant module that is produced. From the front-end engineering and the design of each plant, to the fabrication and assembly before t departs to the customer’s site. This is reason enough to have a sound quality assurance team that handles all of the shipping procedures of the modules that leave our in-house fabrication shop. We continue to use HWP Rigging for all of our shipping needs due to the excellent work they have delivered time and time again when it comes to hauling our pilot plant and industrial modules.

Here is a time lapse look at the process and equipment it takes to coordinate the moving elements of a departing pilot plant. All in all with additional help of some of the shop craftsmen the shipping process took a total of nearly 9 hours. As the pilot plant dangled in the air Safety & QA Manager, Paul Kirksey, was on site to make sure all necessary procedures were being upheld. “This plant was a little different than others because due to its height we fabricated it to where the two levels could be separated for and easier transit” mentions Kirksey. From the looks of the video, it’s a good thing we did just that.

With the amount of man hours that go into each face of the design/build process, one of the operations that is taken most serious is the departure of each module that leave the EPIC fabrication shop. Since shipping is one of the last steps of the EPIC design/build process, here you can learn the 10 Reasons use Modular Design/Build for your next pilot plant project. If you are planning for an industrial or pilot plant job soon and would like to speak with and engineer, contact EPIC.

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