Pilot Plant Capabilities Through the EPIC Lens

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Below is a video that demonstrates the modular phases that EPIC uses for pilot plant development and implementation. This approach has brought successful systems to clients such as Church and Dwight Co Inc., BASF, Dial, DuPont, P&G, Monsanto and many more. Pilot plant modularization trumps a tradition stick build project by bringing your system to market quicker, using a lower budget, a higher quality of assembly and fabrication, requiring fewer resources, while practicing superior safety. Here is more information regarding the advantages of modular fabrication and skid mounted systems

Pilot plant design is the process of taking a specific technology and scaling it up to a pilot plant to test or prove production level technologies. Pilot plant design steps are:

  1. Select a pilot module design specialist to scale-up your technology
  2. Complete basic design including PFD’s (process flow diagrams), GA (general arrangement drawings), and begin developing P&ID’s (process and instrumentation diagrams)
  3. Conduct advanced 3D modeling and simulation to test proposed system parameters and finalize optimal equipment layout
  4. Begin automation and controls engineering during the basic design stage and continue developing plant controls throughout advanced modeling and fabrication
  5. Fabricate and assemble the pilot module based on completed designs. Test controls and equipment before shipping to the final destination.
  6. Install the completed system(s) in the final destination
  7. Commission the new pilot skid(s) by connecting them to the facility, and completing several successful runs. Punch list items, training and documentation are resolved and provided upon successful startup.

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