Packaging Equipment Guide: Bulk Packaging Conveying

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Bulk Packaging ConveyingWill the automated packaging conveying system provide good line ergonomics? What are the space limitations in your packaging facility? How much downtime will conveyor installation require? These are a few of the considerations you must balance when choosing a conveying system for your packaging line.

There are three common types of packaging conveying systems that we will compare:

  • Under Floor Chain Drive/Conveying Systems – conveying systems that are installed “below” the floor and convey packages flush against the factory floor
  • Floor Mounted Conveyor Systems – Conveyor systems installed close to the floor but raised slightly off the floor.
  • Elevated Conveyor Systems with Spring Gates – These are conveyor systems installed at taller heights and feature a spring gates to allow passage between parts of the plant

Pro/Con Comparison for Common Packaging Conveying Systems

The below chart compares the pro’s and con’s of each automated conveyor system option:

[table id=3 /]

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