Safety Series: Basic Safety Overview for EPIC’s Module Fabrication Shop

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

The safe practices used in the EPIC module fabrication shop often parallel the procedures used in the field, our offices, and in some cases our everyday lives. Hmodule fabrication safetyere are the critical steps that EPIC uses to ensure shop safety:

  • Inspections:
    • Frequent and regularly scheduled
    • Conducted by individuals, supervisors and the safety committee
    • Identify potential hazards of material and equipment
    • Slip, trip and fall hazards are also identified, including the inspection of overhead dangers such as cranes.
  • Proper use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) enforced for all in who enter the shop not only those operating machinery

On top of the everyday safety procedures, knowing the time sensitive actions to take once an incident occurs is equally critical. Do you know your emergency medical plan? Do all employees know what the plan is, where to locate key information and medical equipment?

The key to workshop safety is to thoroughly communicate and inform each employee. Ensure that PPE is worn by all who enter the shop and make sure employees are aware of the steps to take in the event of an emergency. Make sure:

  • module fabrication inspectionYou discuss the location of the hazard communications plan (MSDS binder) with all employees
  • All employees know where the fire extinguishers are located as well as the fire evacuation plan and routes (this is part of your EAP or Emergency Action Plan
  • Employees can find and use the AED

Have you run into OSHA issues with other module fabrication shops in the past? Has this impacted project timelines and completion requirements? Talk to EPIC about all of the safety practices and procedures that are mandated in our shop.

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