Modular Skid Systems VS. Traditional Process Systems

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Whether you recognize a shortened project timeline or the savings associated with building modular, there is an advantage to modular skid design for all applications.

skid timelineShow me the money!

One of the most important factors to those looking to have a process system manufactured is cost. This is also a factor that modular skids dominate. In comparison to a traditional process system, modular skids, on average cost 24% less in overall project schedule to design, fabricate and install.

The use of parallel on-site construction and improvements with the off-site fabrication of the process system in a controlled shop environment typically shortens the overall timeline. That’s a lot of savings, especially considering some skids can cost up to one million dollars.

What diet are you on?

What is the layout of your plant? Where is the process system going to live inside the plant? Are there other things that have to live around the process system? All very important questions to ask yourself when considering a process system. The advantage of modular skids is how little space they require. A traditional system could potentially stretch throughout an entire plant, where a skid system takes up much less space.

Move it, shake itProcess System 3D Model

Another large advantage of skid designs: Mobility. A skid designed system is 100% mobile and can be moved not only around a facility, but can
be up and moved to an entirely different facility. A traditional process system, is either a lost cause and is to be scrapped when you leave to go to a new facility or has to be moved piece by piece. Whereas a self-contained skid system can be lifted in its entirety on to the back of a truck and moved, ready to do what it’s designed to do the moment it stops.

All things considered, skid systems bring many advantages to most process systems. Shorter timelines, time and money savings, smaller footprint inside the facility, and future versatility. Skid systems are the systems of the future. They make sense, from an ergonomic standpoint, and a functionality standpoint as well. If you find yourself on the fence, get in touch with one of our process engineers and let us show you how skid design benefits your specific application.

You can find dozens of modular process skid examples on EPIC’s process skids design/build page.

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