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Missouri Made

Destination of Missouri Exports

Destinations of goods made in Missouri. Exports to gulf states have increased as more exports go to Latin America.

What would be missing from your life without the great state of Missouri? Thousands of products are manufactured or assembled in Missouri every year, some of which may surprise you. Check out the infographic below and see which ones you would miss most if Missouri wasn’t here to make it for you. Do any surprise you? Did we miss any?

Manufacturing is key part of Missouri’s economy. 90% of Missouri’s exports are manufactured products, and $36.3 billion dollars are added to the state’s economy from manufacturing activities. Almost 300,000 Missourians work directly in manufacturing, an industry sector that accounts for 13% of the overall state economy.

At right is a graph showing where Missouri exports end up in the US. Exports to gulf coast states have grown rapidly as exports to Latin America expand.

Not only are many products made in the state, over 1 billion tons of freight with an estimated value of $1.2 trillion dollars travel through Missouri every year. Major highways, access to both the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, rail networks and air cargo operations provide plenty of means to ship goods around the US.  Missouri boasts:

  • 33,700 miles of Freight Highway and the 7th largest highway system in the US
  • 4,200 miles of class 1 main track rail lines
  • 1,050 miles of navigable waterways
  • 12 air cargo operations, and 3 of which are in the top 106 cargo airports in North America
  • 10, 700 miles of pipelines that transport natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum

The majority of products are shipped by truck (500 million tons or 49.2%) followed by rail transport (458 million tons or 45%). City of St. Louis Port is the 2nd largest inland port in the country by trip-ton-miles and the 3rd largest by tonnage. Kansas City International Airport is the busiest airport in the state in annual air cargo tonnage.

EPIC is proud to play a small part in all the #MOMade products that come out of our clients plants. Whether it’s designing a process system to mix new formulas, or automating a packaging line, we obsess over how we can help our clients’ manufacturer it better.





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