Keep Rolling, Rolling, Rolling… Machine Vision System National & Global Rollouts

by | EPIC Machine Vision

Ever wondered how large manufacturers of consumer goods ship pallets and pallets of products out their doors each year with limited defects? Chances are they have a machine vision system inspecting their products before they are boxed, palletized, and stretch wrapped…

EPIC works with nation-wide and global manufacturers providing machine vision systems that inspect products for various criteria, such as correct date code, missing cap, defective container, missing label, damaged packaging, etc.

Many times our clients are looking for a machine vision system to inspect for the same criteria at multiple locations, but each location has its differences. For example, the line layouts may be designed a little different, the local plant standards might be stricter at some locations, the staff at one plant might speak a different language than at other, or the regional requirements could vary.

Luckily, our vision engineers are experts at designing machine vision systems that will easily adapt to fit each of your plant locations. Line layouts, local plant standards, staff related requirements and regional requirements are considered during the design stage. Also, in-house feasibility tests are performed to ensure the proper false failure rate prior to design finalization. Once the machine vision system design is complete and perfected, each system will be fabricated, packaged, and shipped by EPIC.

Each location, will receive a machine vision system with consistent inspection programs, mechanical setup, electrical components and system controls. Each will perform at the highest standard, minimizing the amount of damaged goods going out the door to consumers.

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