Line Scan Imagery: The Future of Vision Batch Inspection

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Currently, you’re producing batches of product that are being inspected by an expert who visits specific manufacturing locations to determine if particular “batches” meet company specifications and standards. Right off the bat, you can assume this is not the most time efficient or inexpensive way to determine if your goods are up to par. By eliminating the cost factor of transporting these scarce experts, you could maximize inspection time and efficiency by bringing the product to them.

line-scan-machine With this high definition image conveyor, product inspection experts can be sent detailed images of product batches to examine as if there are on location, eliminating the need for them to visit every manufacturing facility. Eventually, the entire inspection process will be automated and conducted by this machine, automatically evaluating what products deem satisfactory. This machine is a major stepping stone to the future of high definition product inspection.

But how is exactly does it work? Here is what this imagery line scanner includes:

  • PLC based system
  • Monitor with lab view programming
  • Revolving conveyor boat driven by the servo drive motor
  • 2D Cognex barcode scanner for identifying a batch of products being inspected
  • Fully integrated 2K color line scan camera for high-resolution imagery of cylindrical products
  • Notification lights
  • Two operator emergency stops
  • Product chute with dual door access

The product batch is assigned a 2D bar code for identification. Individual items from that batch are placed down the servo conveyor belt to go through the 2K line scan camera station. The high-resolution image appears on the lab view software monitor where it is line-scan-screenshotfiled for inspection. The cylindrical product continues down the conveyor and through the chute where it collects with the remaining products in the correlating batch.

If you are spending money transporting product experts for individual inspections at various onsite production locations, this machine should be on your shopping list. Talk to and EPIC engineer today about the specifications of the high definition line scan inspection and how it will benefit your manufacturing process.

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