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by | EPIC Machine Vision

A recent machine vision project in our vision evaluation lab, utilizing lasers, highlighted the versatility of laser-illuminated camera solutions. The turnkey vision system that EPIC developed utilizes one camera and two lasers to detect unwanted objects in plastic totes. The laser solution provided several advantages over other smart-camera applications:

    • Immune to Color Variation – the color is not a factor so the system can handle objects of any color
    • Size, shape, and position don’t matter – can detect any product
    • Simplicity – the laser lighted vision system did not require shape training, position training, or color programming.
    • Faster to program and simple to maintain

The flexibility of this solution makes it practical for several different applications. Some of the applications that our EPIC Machine Vision Engineers see include:

    • Uncasing or de-casing applications – to verify cases and boxes are empty
    • Surface inspections – to detect raised bumps or indentations on surfaces
    • Web applications – to detect holes or tears in webs and material sheets
    • Quality assurance – inspecting re-usable boxes, cases or other containers to make sure previous packaged products have been removed before new products are filled

A final advantage the system provides is it comes as a complete turnkey package. The camera, lasers, PLC, and all other parts are fully integrated and assembled. Upon arrival, it can be bolted to your production line and start inspecting.

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