Industrial modular chemistry and process systems engineering isn’t easy. There is no better way to put it. Although difficult to construct, and even more daunting to upscale, keeping these simple elements in the back of your mind through the development of your chemical plant will lessen the headache of implementing a new system onto your sitechem-plant-practices

  • Know and understand the style and process that you want your chemical plant to run on. Whether it’s continuous or non-continuous, semi-batch and semi-continuous. Knowing your process technology will be a jump start for any chemical engineer that is designing your plant.
  • Anticipate the changes that are going to occur from a proven lab scale formula. Industrial chemical plants run at a higher temperature and also generate more energy, which could cause a different reaction than what was anticipated at lab scale.
  • Take into account the environment and physical location that the chemical plant is going to be operating under (meaning indoors, outdoors, near other equipment or systems). These elements can be a factor in a reaction as well.

EPIC, being a process systems engineering firm, has completed a large number of chemical plants by using a proven process to efficiently and effectively produce a product that the customers are consistently satisfied with. The EPIC strategy has been useful for a variety of projects, there are always hurdles that need to be cleared for each chemical plant.

  • modular-chemicalBe accountable for all necessary safety measures. Operating a system under high temperatures and intense pressure is a dangerous game. Adding flammables to the equation amplifies the risk and the safety precautions that need to be taken. Develop the proper vessel and purge strategies and implement them into the initial technology of the system.
  • Have a relief strategy as part of your complete proven technology. This will save time for the modular designer to choose and handle the equipment purchasing that best fits the technology and relief strategies for each specific chemical plant.
  • Understand the specifications and testing that are being asked of the modular designer and fabricator. Having a high degree of testing and specification requirements is a good thing, as long as the tests are appropriate. Having stringent testing can delay a project timeline and require a higher cost for the chemical plant to be completed.chemical-mistakesBringing a proven process technology to a modular designer and fabricator is the quickest way to get your system to production, no question. With that said, predicting how a lab scale technology is going to work on an industrial level is difficult. Which is why taking the right steps and not skipping the pilot plant phase is crucial. In doing so, you eliminate the danger and the unknowns of how a lab proven formula will work at a higher scale. The EPIC engineers are the industry leading resource for integrating your proven technology. You can talk to and EPIC engineer today about a future chemical pilot or industrial plant.


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