J-SchottPresident and CEO of EPIC Systems, Inc., John Schott, was recently recognized by his college alma mater of Washington University School of Engineering & Applies Science. Here you can read the article that discusses how John went from the nerdy kid in middle school winning science fairs to an engineering entrepreneur and owning EPIC System, Inc. which is just celebrated it’s 20th year of business. The article goes on to discuss John’s time at Washington University and the experience he had inside the classroom, the relationships he build with his professors, and how he eventually went on to start his own engineering firm.

Additionally, for those that are interested in becoming a team member hear at EPIC, John gives sound advice to any young engineer that is about to enter the workforce. The CEO also goes into more detail about what he looks for when reviewing a resume that comes across his desk.

About the Washington University School of Engineering & Applied Science

This branch of the university focuses their intellectual efforts through a new convergence paradigm and builds on strengths, particularly as applied to medicine and health, energy and environment, entrepreneurship and security. The program has over 85 tenured and 40 additional full-time faculty, 1,300 undergraduate students, more than 900 graduate students and more than 23,000 alumni. Their goal is to leverage the partnerships with academic and industry partners — across disciplines and across the world — to contribute to solving the most extreme global challenges we face today.

About EPIC Systems, Inc.

EPIC is a St. Louis based engineering & fabrication firm which provides pilot plant & production scale modular process plants & systems. Our job is to combine your process technology with our modular process design/ build approach, turning your concept into a full functioning pilot plant operation. We maximize speed of delivery while minimizing downtime with off-site parallel fabrication of process systems and on-site facilities preparation. Your modular process skids arrive fully assembled and tested with all utility systems pre-installed.


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