Insta-Panel Control System: EPIC’s First “Product”

by | EPIC Modular Process

EPIC has over 15 years of experience producing custom systems, so our first standard “product” launch has been exciting.

When John Schott, P.E. (President of EPIC Systems) was contemplating what EPIC’s first “product” should be, he began by thinking about his experience working in manufacturing plants around St. Louis, MO. He was looking for something that solved a common problem, but that had few simple solutions.

What John realized is that in modern manufacturing, most plant processes are automated to some extent. While some things require intricate controls, many other processes only require a reliable and moderate level of automation.

The Insta-Panel is a pre-fabricated control system that can be applied to situations where a quick automation solution or upgrade is needed. It eliminates the need to specify custom control boxes, and be applied to multiple processes in one plant, quickly standardizing a facility.  It features a flexible industrial PLC control system, touchscreen interface, and room for additional expansion and capacity.

Watch the video below to hear John talk more about why EPIC is offering this product or visit the Insta-Panel web-page to learn about its specific features:

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