What’s Happening In EPIC’s Industrial Machine Vision Lab

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Planning a vision project? Wondering if EPIC has experience similar to your application? From wrinkled label feasibility testing to sub-millimeter defect inspection, our engineers are always testing or engineering an array of vision applications. Read on to see highlights of what is happening in our industrial machine vision lab…

Wrinkled Label Inspection Feasibility Testing

Our engineers are performing feasibility testing for a client who is looking to detect wrinkled labels on a plastic bottle. Depending on the bottle shape and bottle design features this type of application could present many challenges. Along with wrinkled label feasibility testing, we will be working with the client to provide 2d code reading, label placement and product verification to guarantee the right product has the correct label.

Industrial Machine Vision System for a Custom MachineCustom Assembly Machine with an Industrial Machine Vision System

Our custom machines group is currently working on an automated assembly machine. Prior to assembling the parts, the client wants to make sure the parts were free of imperfections. Our machine vision engineers, are teaming up with custom machines engineers to provide a vision system to inspect the parts for accurate dimensions, knurling defects, name roll verification, threading defects and broach defects.

Bar-code Label Cover Up

Have you ever bought a value pack of your favorite household cleaner where three bottles come wrapped together? The packaging around the bottles has a bar-code, and each individual bottle has a bar-code. Our client wants to ensure that the individual bar-codes on the bottles are not accidentally being scanned at checkout instead of the bar-code on the packaging that holds the three bottles together. EPIC’s machine vision engineers are engineering a multi-pack inspection system to check the visibility of the individual bar-codes to validate the right bar-code will be scanned at checkout.

Line Scan Inspection Machine

Our engineers recently delivered an industrial machine vision system for a line scan inspection application. The client wanted to inspect batches of product and send detailed images to a remote location to be evaluated by product inspection experts. A high definition line scan camera system mounted on a conveyor proved to be the best solution.

Indentation Inspection for Small Parts

Recently, our machine vision experts started feasibility testing for an industrial machine vision system that inspects small polished parts for indentations or scratches. The client is looking for defects at sub-millimeter sizes in parts that are smaller than a nickel. Our engineers are illuminating the small parts with a collimated light and inspecting for defects with a hi-res camera with a telecentric lens.

Do you have an industrial machine vision system project coming up? If you have specific questions or would like more information on our vision system capabilities, please contact an engineer…

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