Industrial CO2 Distillation Pilot Plant Proving Long Term Viability

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Distillation Pilot PlantEPIC Systems, Inc. designed and engineered a distillation pilot plant that successfully removes over 80% CO2 from exhaust generated by a coal-fired power plant. The pilot plant, which utilizes Akermin Inc.’s process technology, has recently passed a significant milestone. It completed over 1,600 hours of operation without any reduction in efficacy. Samples of the flue gas confirm the system can produce high purity CO2, without any additional equipment to regulate emissions. 

This successful run proves the long term viability of Akermin’s CO2 distillation technology. Akermin partnered with EPIC Systems to scale-up their technology and build their ground breaking pilot plant. EPIC’s scale-up specialists utilize a modular design/build approach. This approach saves the end user an average of 24% in cost, over traditional stick-built construction methods.

Controlled construction of the self-contained pilot plant was completed in EPIC’s fabrication shop. Building the system offsite reduced the project timeline and increased safety. Before the unit shipped, it was fully FAT tested and ready for operation.

The complexities of taking a proprietary CO2 capture technology from lab testing to full pilot plant scale required expertise in industrial distillation system development. Akermin brought their process technology to EPIC for system scale-up, controls integration and plant fabrication. Together a pilot skid was developed that balanced testing requirements and operational parameters with budget and timeline.

Akermin is currently in development of the next generation approach. This system will use an environmentally friendly solvent and a proprietary process with on-line biocatalyst replenishment. The process has the potential to reduce cost of capture by as much as 40%, compared to past commercial scale solutions for coal fired power plants.

Click for more information on pilot plant scale-up. You bring the process technology, and EPIC will take it from there.

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