$1.87 trillion, that’s how much manufacturing contributed to US economy in 2012. Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States, and something our nation was built on. As a system integrator, we work with manufacturers everyday and are impressed by their can-do spirit & dedication to constant improvement.

We are celebrating Manufacturing Day today, and we wanted to reflect on some of the past achievements that have made US Manufacturing great:

US Manufacturing History By: EPIC Systems, System Integrator

A System Integrator’s Opinion:

Do any of these event dates surprise you? We were surprised to see that computer chips and transistors developed in the 1950’s! System integrator’s rely on both of those things to make the electrical magic of automation work. FORTRAN is another interesting one. Have you ever tried programming in FORTRAN? We wouldn’t recommend it for your packaging line.

Vision systems are mentioned, and we work a lot with those as a system integrator. The origins of vision systems go back to the 1950’s as well. Two-dimensional imaging was used to find statistical patterns, and from these humble beginnings, modern machine vision systems developed. You can read a full history of machine vision systems here.

What most excites us is the future. With all the technologies we have already invented, we can’t wait to see what the future is building towards. What will manufacturing look like in 10 years? 20 years? What products will manufacturer’s be making? The iPhone was only released five years ago and it has permeated society in America. What will the next innovation be?

Most people don’t think of manufacturing as a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit, but we beg to differ. As a system integrator, we are in a lot of plants in America. We see the challenges manufacturer’s are striving to overcome. Most manufacturers are driven to constantly improve, constantly innovate, to become better at what they do. Innovation is a must for survival in this fast paced, consumer driven world.

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