A Standout Job: High Speed Bottling Line

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

High speed bottling line makes product stand out at storeSetting: A Tuesday afternoon, midday, a grocery store shelf

Characters: A woman, our client’s bottle, and thirty other bottles of a similar product

Situation: Our client wants the woman to pick their product, but what will make it stand out from the thirty other bottles?

Solution: A uniquely shaped, aesthetically pleasing bottle and sprayer

Problem: The clients’ high-speed bottling line is not equipped to handle the new bottle and nozzle shape. High-speed filling rates must be maintained for the newly designed bottle to be a success for the company.

EPIC Solution: A custom automated high-speed bottling line, designed for the unique shape of the bottles & nozzles that meets the end user’s strenuous expectations.

Key Features:

  • Custom in-feed line, un-scramblers, filler, case erector, robotic case packer, sprayer inserter
  • Modified unscramble and filler to correctly handle rounded bottles and nozzles
  • Quality checks, including one to make sure accurate nozzle and bottle mating, performed by a specialized packaging inspection machine vision system

Read about the full solution in our high speed bottling case study.

Finding a Better Solution:

EPIC helped the client find a better solution by doing the following:

  • Utilizing Front-End Engineering: EPIC uses our front-end engineering process to complete due diligence when it’s most needed, at the beginning of a project. Goals, success criteria, budget and schedule are all clearly established during front-end engineering.
  • Automating pragmatically: Successful solutions balance expense, line operational goals, and line speed. A better solution emphasizes the most important factor for each client – whether that’s line speed, product quality, budget, etc. – without jeopardizing the others.
  • Following the golden rule: EPIC treats clients how we would want to be treated.
  • Maintaining fair and open relationships: Whether the relationship is between EPIC and a vendor, EPIC and a client, or EPIC and an employee, we believe in treating everyone fairly. For example, we do not have formal agreements with any suppliers so that prices can remain fair for clients.
  • Being as “Un-Corporate” as possible: We want to empower our project managers to get things done and move projects forward. We actively try to reduce bureaucracy.

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