EPIC’s Commitment to Energy Efficiency

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Did you know your business could be energy efficient and save money at the same time?

EPIC Systems, Inc. as a part of its environmental initiative is adapting Ameren Missouri’s Business Energy Efficiency program.

Energy Savings Graphic

Lighting is the most common efficiency measure installed across all business types.

EPIC’s energy efficiency measures include:

  • Replacement of inefficient High Bay Lights with energy efficient lights
  • Lighting sensors in the office space
  • Lighting sensors in the plant space

Mike Goetz, EPIC’s plant manager learned about this new cost-saving initiative through a vendor, Western Extralite Company.  He then collaborated with Tracy Walsh, Accounts Payable Manger, to implement the energy efficiency program.

“This saves EPIC money in a number of ways,” says Walsh.

“We replaced our old lights with more efficient lighting saving us money on our energy bill. What really helped was that we put sensors on all the lights in the 23,500 square foot plant space.

Now the plant lights will automatically turn off within minutes of not sensing a person.

“You don’t have to worry about anyone forgetting to turn them off,” added Walsh.

As an extra measure, certain office areas are now equipped with sensors so lights will automatically turn off in those areas as well.

Walsh is excited to participate in the program.

“Ameren has been extremely responsive and helpful throughout the process.”

Ameren provides a cash incentive to ensure a quick payback for the project.

It will take just a little over 2 years to fully payback EPIC’s installation costs because of this incentive.  Even without the incentive, the energy savings alone will pay for the lighting changes in 3 years.

EPIC Estimated energy savings:

  • Light fixtures in the plant: 16,437 kWh
  • Office Sensors: 4,622 kWh
  • Olant Sensors: 31,431 kWh
  • Total Savings: 52, 491 kWh

EPIC is estimated to save more than $22,000 in energy costs in the next 5 years.  More information can be found at Actonenergy.com.


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