EPIC Company PhotoEPIC strive’s to be better by limiting policies, eliminating the unnecessary, and empowering employees. We pride ourselves in being a not-so-typical business.

EPIC’s President, John Schott, would describe EPIC as the “un-corporation”. His goal for EPIC is to reduce the bureaucracy, to empower every employee to make decisions, and move projects forward. As a result, EPIC is a flat organization, and every engineer within EPIC is a project manager, handling their own clients and jobs from start to finish. Schott believes this is the way to “Do It Better” when running a business.

As a part of this philosophy, EPIC strives to eliminate the unnecessary. We assign one project manager to every project, to simplify contact for the customer, and ensure decisions get made quickly. Just as we offer full integration services in-house, our engineers offer full project management from start to finish.

Often in organizations of our size, and larger, there are many policies in place that must be followed in order to get the job done. This means that an engineer spends less time quoting jobs, and more time gathering all of the paperwork needed. EPIC’s stance is that fewer policies are better. EPIC prides itself in being a not-so-typical business. We have a limited amount of policies to make jobs take less time, and cost less money. The more policies a company has, the longer it takes to get the job done.

This general philosophy has a major impact on employees of EPIC and our customers. The net result is that projects are completed faster. Multiple levels of approval are not required to move projects along. Our engineers quote projects, communicate with customers, and complete projects from design through start-up without explicit step-by-step approval by group managers or the company President.

The flip-side of such autonomy is that everyone at EPIC must be highly responsible. As an employee of EPIC you are required to balance your own priorities, move your own projects forward, and seek help when needed. Employees must also accept blame and be willing to fix mistakes they make because there are not multiple levels of approval to hide behind.

EPIC strives to “Do It Better”. We consider the following before we implement any new business practice:

  • Will the benefit to the employees outweigh the cost in time for them to learn something new?
  • Will it translate into a benefit for our customers, either in time or money savings?
  • How can we make it as simple as possible?
  • How can we manipulate the software to customize and simplify the systems usability for EPIC?
  • What can we automate to aid users?


ABOUT EPIC: EPIC is a multi-disciplined engineering firm that provides solutions that help manufacturers Do It Better. We specialize in modular process systemsmachine vision systemsline integration and general automation services. To learn more about EPIC,contact an engineer today or visit our website.

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