GHS Training Safety is something we take seriously here at EPIC Systems. Paul Kirksey, Quality and EH&S Manager, is going through the latest GHS Training. The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is a world-wide effort by the United Nations to standardize chemical handling safety. GHS is being implemented as the new standard for manufacturers world-wide, with uniform labels and safety data sheets.

Chemical Labels that are compliant with GHS must have five things:

1) Product Identifier – this gives the name of the chemical, part numbers or other identifiers and the name and address of the manufacturer or supplier.

2) Signal Words that tell us about the hazard level of the chemical. Danger is for severe hazards and Warning is for less severe hazards. Sometimes there is no signal word, but that does not mean that the product is hazard free.

3) Hazard Statement that describes what kind of harm the chemical can cause.

4) Pictograms which are symbols that instantly identify the kind of hazard the chemical poses.

5) Precautionary Statements that describe what we need to do to be safe when using the chemical.

There are nine pictograms that make up the Hazard Communication Standard.  As part of the GHS Training it is import to familiarize yourself with these pictograms so that you know how to deal with each chemical safely.

GHS Symbols

Knowing and understanding what each of these pictograms means will give you important information on:

1) How to prevent accidents caused by misuse of the chemical

2) How to respond if you come in contact with the chemical

3) How to store the chemical

4) How to dispose of the chemical

Complying with GHS standards will improve the overall safety for EPIC, our clients and our employees.  We will continue provide GHS Training to further educate employees and to make EPIC a safer place to work.

-“You’re Safety is of EPIC Importance”

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