As a skid fabricator EPIC has a lot of modules coming in and out of our shop every year. Here are a few examples of what we have going on in our shop currently.

Safety shut down skid fabrication

We have been working on a large run of industrial safety shut down modules in our carbon steel shop. This is one of 16 modules that we are currently building.

Batch reaction skid fabrication

Over the last two months we have been working on two large batch reaction systems for one of our sanitary clients. This is the smaller of the two. We have since finished and shipped this system while the other is still being fabricated

Batch reaction skid fabrication

This is the larger of the two skids. This is also a batch reaction system, though this one includes five tanks. There are two in the middle, two on the right hand side of the skid, and one on the left. Fabrication is ongoing on this skid.

Custom Machine Testing

This is a project we have going on within our custom machines group. This project is in the testing phase, meaning that fabrication is complete and our engineers are testing it daily to ensure that it is functioning at the capacity that it is supposed to. This machine is a prototype, with a possibility for a roll out through the entire company of our customer. That is why testing is so important.

Inline Blending Skid Fabricators

This last one was a fuel blending module. It was an inline blending module that was designed to add an octane boosting additive to a diesel fuel product. It was designed with the flexibility to produce two different fuel mixtures, one for summer, and one for winter. This was a rapid build for EPIC as it as it started and finished in just two short months.

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