EPIC Safety Series: Forklifts and Rigging

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

safety-riggingSafety is always an important topic, but with a six-part modular skid currently being prepped for shipping in the EPIC fabrication shop, it’s the number one priority. What does it take to move these massive modules from fabrication and testing in EPIC’s shop to running full steam at the customer’s site?

The challenge falls to our expert craftsman and trusted shipping partners. The EPIC shop isn’t short on experience when it comes to the preparation and delivery of these made-to-order modular skids. Part of this experience are many years behind the wheel of a forklift and safely rigging modules for departure.

“Being certified to operate a forklift is one thing, but using proper safety technique in driving and boom rigging is a requirement in our shop,” says Senior Craftsman Lenny Stefani. According to North Carolina State University, nearly 100 workers are killed each year due to forklift accidents. This eye-opening fact gives EPIC’s craftsman even more incentive to take their time and do things right when moving and loading modular skids.

forklift-riggingHere are a few of the forklift and boom rigging regulations that are mandated here at EPIC:

  • Forklift operation is performed only by those who hold the proper certification (each EPIC craftsman is certified)
  • Loads are driven at a safe height of 8 to 12 inches
  • Loads meet the correct weight-to-load center ratio, making them secure
  • The slow down/stop and sound horn is used when approaching corners, entering/leaving stainless steel or carbon steel shop(s), and when in reverse
  • Booms are inspected before each use
  • Forklift operators are properly licensed and trained in the use of the boom

EPIC recently celebrated the 10-year milestone of zero lost time accidents. So it’s safe to say throughout the process of building a turnkey modular skid our craftsman are taking their jobs seriously. And because seeing is believing, here is a timelapse covering a recent assembly that took place in the EPIC shop.

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