What Can EPIC and Aspen Hysys do for you?

by | EPIC Modular Process

With the licensing of Aspen Technologies, EPIC has expanded process simulation capabilities available in-house for our clients. What can 3D models developed by our scale-up experts in Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS do for you? Improve accuracy of preliminary process design, reduce project scale-up timelines from design to installation, and lower overall job costs.distillation system design

While being able to provide these benefits is good for EPIC, the outcomes from these tools are a bigger advantage to you. Why? Accuracy of process functionalities improving means you are avoiding costly change orders later down the road. We can verify through Aspen simulations whether or not your process technology is functional, long before any heavy engineering or manufacturing goes into it.

Shorter timelines from design to turnkey means spending less time on every job we do, with better design optimization. What that means for you is that we can take your process simulation from an unproven theory to a turnkey, fully engineered and designed, process system faster than ever before. In laymen’s terms, you spend money up front, to avoid problems and get a big return on investment throughout the project.

I’m sure you are wondering how this reduces costs? The accuracy of Aspen HYSYS allows us to verify your process technology before we build anything. That means instead of finding out halfway through the fabrication phase that the process isn’t going to work, we identify that very early. We can improve the design before any significant money is spent. Which also means that there are no change orders. You can have confidence that your process will meet or exceed your production requirements, before fabrication begins.

So what does that all this mean? It means that EPIC can get it done, get it done right, and get it done fast. We are the one stop shop for any and all process technologies. If you have a specific question regarding your process technology you can contact one of our process engineers here…

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