EPIC Machine Vision – Blowing Up the Conventional Vendor Relationship

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Machine-Vision-CognexAt EPIC Machine Vision we have blown up the traditional client vendor relationship. Gone are the days of treating vendors like second class citizens.  That is not how we operate. We treat our vendors the same we treat our clients and employees.

It sounds trite, but at EPIC we strive to treat everyone with the Golden Rule and that includes our vendors. We see our vendor through a different lens (imaging pun intended). We don’t look at them and ask ourselves “what can they do for us?” but instead we partner with our vendors to achieve the best possible solution.

Cognex has been a trusted vendor of EPIC Machine Vision for nearly 10 years. Throughout those years we have developed meaningful relationships that have benefited all parties involved – from the vendor to the client to the end user.

vision-teamEPIC’s partnership with Cognex has led to hundreds of successful projects. The client satisfied with EPIC’s machine vision integration, and EPIC satisfied with Cognex equipment.  This mutually beneficial relationship has led to EPIC being twice named the Cognex System Integrator of the Year.

So Cognex, we here at EPIC Machine Vision thank you. Thank you for your commitment to providing the best machine vision equipment on the market. Thank you for your partnership on countless projects. Thank you for being our vendor.

Our culture at EPIC is important. We want to be a place where people are equipped to provide the best solutions for our clients and Cognex helps us do that.

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Cognex: http://www.cognex.com/


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