EPIC Continues to Endorse American Manufacturing

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

manufactiringday2The public image towards manufacturing has changed in recent years. With the help of Manufacturing Day, an opportunity is given to industry leaders to open their doors and shine a light on the misconceptions of American Manufacturing. MFG Day had over 2,500 hosted events in North America this year. This day has been an exceptional resource for manufacturers to gather and discuss industry trends and needs in order to keep the American dream alive. This event also gives Generation Y the chance to be introduced and observe this ever-evolving state of American Manufacturing.

For the third year running, EPIC Systems, Inc. has used leveraged MFG Day to showcase manufacturing in Missouri. With a yearly barbecue, EPIC invites and encourages friends, family, clients and those in the community to come visit the 40,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop to get a real time view of the different modular and pilot plant systems that are currently being assembled.


The EPIC engineers and fabricators look forward to inspiring the young minds that are looking to learn everything that these fields have to offer. With a current industry shortage for talented laborers, now is a great time to step into a highly demanded position. “The manufacturing and engineering job market is increasing in the United States due to buyers looking to only purchase material fabricated in the USA” according from an article written from thomasnet.com. This is a turnaround from previous years, and MFG Day is on the front lines showcasing that American manufacturing is on the rise.

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