Future Machine Builders of America – Engineering Projects for Kids

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There is a machine builder in all of us. Everyone at some point has had the desire to create something. That desire is innate in machine designers and fabricators. EPIC believes in having avenues for future engineers to create, build, and dream about how to make the world a better place – one machine at a time.

One common way to achieve motion in in custom machine is through pneumatics. Trying to explain pneumatics to a kid, might be difficult. This awesome mini project we found from Lance Akiyama @ www.thewye.com makes it easier.


Here is what your mini machine builder needs:



Step 1: Assemble the Frame



Step 2: Create The Hinge

hinge 1hinge 2

hinge 3hinge 4


Step 4: Add the Pneumatic System:

pneumatic chamber


Step 5: Make it Awesome!

This is where your creativity comes in. In the video, the pneumatics were used to lift a basket, but it can be used for far more than that!


If all goes well your mini engineer will have learned one of the most common ways to create motion in a custom machine – pneumatics. In its most simple definition, pneumatics is: using air pressure to move or work. By pressing the syringe you are pressurizing the air in one chamber, which forces the other chamber to move, causing the Popsicle stick to raise.

EPIC will be hosting a live, activity based “Mini Engineering” event which you can sign up for on this page: https://epicsysinc.com/benefits/mini-engineers. Just add your email to the field provided to get updates on when the next event will take place.

For more comprehensive instructions on the above project, or to try at home with your aspiring machine builder visit: http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-Pneumatic-Machine/?ALLSTEPS

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