Don’t Let Your Integrator Hold You Hostage: Do It Better

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

enzyme-handlingCan you modify all your automation programs? Do you have the engineering drawings for everything on your manufacturing floor? Unfortunately for most manufacturer’s, the answer to one or both of these questions is “no.”

A lot of integrators don’t relinquish their controller and HMI programs or drawings to the end client. This protects the design work that the integrator put into the machine or automation project. But it also forces the client to come back to that Automation vendor whenever a problem arises or a change in scope needs to take place.

While this may be common practice in industry we believe you can Do It Better. Everything EPIC makes is custom made for the client. We aren’t an OEM or company who is trying to make a profit from building or programming the exact same thing repeatedly. There is nothing wrong with being that type of business – but that’s not where EPIC can add value.

The projects that really suit us are custom design/fabrication projects that are usually one-off or have never-before been made. We add value by providing well-engineered – RELIABLE solutions – that work in industry. With this type of project, the automation and engineering designs are going to be unique, with many highly engineered features.

That is one of the reasons we choose to turn over the programs and drawings to our clients. We don’t hold our clients hostage. We Do It Better. We empower our clients to troubleshoot problems on their own. They aren’t forced to come back to us every time there is a problem, maintenance issue or change of manufacturing scope. Often they do, because we know the programs and design the best, but they certainly don’t have to. This also reduces risk for our clients in the future – they are not in danger of being stranded if we have no one immediately available to solve their problem, or in the unlikely event that EPIC doesn’t exist anymore.

The client paid us to develop the drawings and programming. They have every right to have full access to programs, drawings, P&ID’s and all system documentation. EPIC can’t make money off of that. What’s the point in holding it hostage?

We challenge everyone in our industry to empower clients and hand over what’s rightfully theirs. Stop holding customers hostage and  DO IT BETTER.

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