Finished columnThis year, EPIC has produced multiple distillation systems that we are humbled to have been a part of.

One that we can share with you is a large C02 steam stripping unit. This distillation unit consists of an absorption column, a steam stripping column, and a reboiler. This demonstration skid was installed at a at a power plant facility, to test a new technology for removing CO2 from flue gas.3-D Model

Steam stripping is a very effective and efficient process, due to the ratio of steam to organics stripped. Generally, a pound of steam will vaporize four or five pounds of organics. We often recommend a steam stripping distillation unit to remove VOC’s from wastewater, for example, because of its efficiency for removal of organic components.

From a design standpoint, EPIC brings a lot to the table. We take your distillation unit technology and model it. These simulations help determine separation feasibility and system requirements to achieve your intended production rates. Once a final system design is agreed on, EPIC manufactures modular distillation units. Modular design of distillation systems leads to faster installation, increased quality of construction, improved safety, and reduced project costs.


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