As demonstration plant fabricators, we are interested to see what new technologies are getting tested in demonstration plants around the world. The news results for this month include:

The enzymatic hydrolysis system at Fiberight's demonstration plant in Lawrenceville, Virginia, is part of the company's process for converting organic materials in household waste into biogas.1. Hydrolysis system for converting trash into biogas: A demonstration plant in Lawrenceville, Virginia, is proving that all mans trash can be the power company’s treasure. Fiberight, a Maryland based company, is using the demonstration module to show how organic materials in garbage can be separated and converted into other products, primarily biogas which can be used by power plants. The company is working to build a full-scale facility in Hampden, Maine.


From Left to Right: Lee Elder, Board Member, NET Power; Takashi Sasaki, Chief Fellow, Power Systems Company, Toshiba Corporation; Corey Hessen, Vice President, Exelon Generation Development; Ron DeGregorio, President, Exelon Power; Bill Brown, CEO, NET Power; Charlie Bowser, President, NET Power; Dan McCarthy, Executive Vice President and Group President - Technology, CB&I; Sean Sexstone, Vice President, CB&I; Peter Lange, Professor and Provost Emeritus, Duke University; Mike Adams, Principal, 8 Rivers...2. Allam Cycle Technology Demonstration Plant for Zero-Emissions Natural Gas Power System: Ground was broken in La Porte, Texas for a new demonstration plant that will validate a new natural gas power system. The system produces low-cost electricity with zero atmospheric emissions, including carbon dioxide using Allam Cycle technology developed by NET Power. The plant is expected to undergo commissioning in late 2016 and be operational in 2017.


3. Rare Earth Separation Superlig(R)-One Pilot Plant: Still in the construction phase, this new demonstration module will achieve the separation of metals of utmost priority to the US economy, clean energy, high technology and emerging defense systems. The plant is being built by Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. and is currently under construction in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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