Recently Kyle McCormick and Wayne Jasper participated in a CADworks workshop put on by ECE Engineering. The biggest takeaway? CADworks is moving towards platforms that allow engineers to customize the program to their needs. For example, a design engineer at EPIC can make customized templates that can be saved into CADworks and repeatedly used.

Kyle and Wayne learned about functions they were not already utilizing and new features that contribute to more streamlined and efficient ways to achieve 3D design goals. Some of these tools include sheet set managers for layouts, automatically generating piping isometrics, and several new ways to convert 3D design into 2D modules and prints. The main use of the CAD technology is for modeling pipes and structures in the modular design process at EPIC, with some use for machine or part modeling.

Kyle McCormick said the workshop was meant to increase the participant’s abilities and to stay current with ever evolving 3D design technology. Currently Kyle and several other people are evaluating a P&ID development CAD module for possible purchase. This module would allow for similar customization and efficiency in piping and instrumentation design for EPIC.

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