The old saying goes, “age before beauty”, right? Not so much the case when deciding who should integrate a new custom packaging line into a manufacturing plant. Choosing an engineering firm to integrate a custom line can be difficult because you want to more than just the right equipment, you need the right people implementing that equipment. This is when having both age AND beauty works in EPIC’s favor. With having over 20 years of experience integrating some of the most efficient and prestigious custom packaging lines, EPIC is the one-stop-shop for all packaging needs. Here is a snapshot of the kind of applications that EPIC has designed and integrated recently:

Previous Packaging Lines

  • Bottle Handling, Fill and Packaging
  • Drum & Pail Fill and Handling
  • Bag & Pouch Filling and Packaging
  • Totes & Supersacks Filling and Handling
  • Nontraditional Packaging Applications

These packaging lines are the physical systems that are integrated into your facility to increase production. But how do you go from the decision of getting a new custom packaging line to actually integrating one into your facility? That’s when you give EPIC a call. EPIC’s has the packaging repertoire and proven process of integrating the right packaging line into your already operating or future facility. Here’s how we do it:

EPIC Packaging Systems’ Capabilities:

  • epic-packaging-systemPackaging System Design
  • Packaging System Automation
  • Integration & Assembly
  • Line Relocation
  • Used Equipment
  • Enzyme Handling
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Machine Vision
  • Packaging Line Studies
  • Quotes & Estimates
  • Programming
  • Electrical Design
  • Assembly & Testing Plant
  • Site Management

EPIC’s experience pays off time and time again when integrating a new line into a production plant. Per the case studies that you can take a look at here and the capabilities listed above, you can get a full understanding of how beneficial it will be to choose EPIC when you reach the decision to integrate a new custom packaging line into your manufacturing plant. If this looks good to you, contact an EPIC engineer to talk more about our capabilities and get a specific understanding about integrating a new custom packaging line into your manufacturing process.

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