Custom Machine Builders – The “Make it Happen” Guys

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

pet-tag-solidworksWhat is a “custom machine builder”? Is it a machine designer? An engineer? An automation engineer? A fabricator? – The short answer: Yes.

Custom machine builders take your napkin drawing through completion. No matter where you are in your project development, our custom machine builders can add value by applying the best mechanical principals to develop your system. They truly are the “Make it happen” guys.

They make it happen by:

Machine Design – Using 3-D design software EPIC’s custom machine builders give you a clear physical description of machine layout and functionality. Each component is depicted and represented so that the end user can understand how the system will accomplish its task.

Mechanical Engineering – Our custom machine builders are pragmatic. They believe in providing the soundest mechanical solutions possible.They are well versed in pneumatics, hydraulics, robotics, electric motion, proof-of-concept testing, and prototype development.

Automation – Not only can they develop the mechanical solution, they have direct access to EPIC’s in house automation engineers. EPIC an interface with any PLC platform so that your custom machine can integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing facility.

Fabrication – EPIC’s custom machine builders also follow the fabrication of each of their systems. They have the ability to walk out to our fabrication facility and directly interface with our skilled craftsman who are assembling the machine.

Make-it-happenEPIC custom machine builders are equipped to take your machine concept and make it a reality. Almost every application our custom machine builders take on is a machine that does not exist. Not only does it take accomplished machine design and engineering, it takes creative thinking on the part of our machine builders. We specialize in the unique, uncommon applications that other design build firms don’t dare take on. We “Make it happen.”

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