Packaging Equipment Guide: Bulk Packaging Lifts

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

bulk-containerAre line operators a safe distance from moving parts? Are building modifications required? Does the system provide good ergonomics for line operators? These are a few of the considerations you must balance when choosing a bulk packaging lift system.

The three common types of packaging lift systems that we will compare:

  • Monorail System With Hoist – mounted to an overhead structure to conserve floor path and transport containers along a fixed path or through hard-to-access sections of the plant.
  • Gantry Crane’s With Hoist – A portable hoist fitted to a trolly supported with uprights. Very useful for lifting heavy containers.
  • Scissor Lift Table With Battery Operated Tugger – a self-powered portable lift great for lifting and transporting heavy loads. Raises and lowers to various heights for good ergonomics.

Bulk Packaging Lift Pros/Cons Comparison Chart:

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