Automating Packaging Line Quality Control

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

Tired of having spilled product because of missing seals or crooked caps? What about missing labels or blistering? How much money are you wasting shipping empty packages or boxes? In the modern manufacturing environment, there are affordable automated packaging line quality control systems that can solve all of these problems.

Top Three Automated Packaging Line Quality Control Methods:

1. Check weighers – A check weigh scale is a simple (and low cost) solution that can save significant waste on a packaging line. Checking the weight of individual packages, bottles, or full-cases can eliminate partially full or empty packages/cases from being shipped. Combined with a reject station, a check weigher can eliminate under-filled containers from your line. Re-circulation systems can make sure packages or containers are not wasted when appropriate.

2. Sensors – The packaging line quality control applications for sensors grow in number as sensors get more sophisticated in their ability to detect various parameters. Using sensors to keep packaging processes in sync, detect missing packages, and eliminate unnecessary product waste can have a great impact financially for a small cost.

3. Machine vision systems – There are many packaging inspection applications that can be accomplished with machine vision. Everything from package integrity to date codes inspection or color verification can be automated with use of a custom machine vision system. This option may be more expensive than the first two, but for high-speed applications or important packaging line quality control problems, machine vision systems can provide a well-worth-it, robust solution. Machine vision systems also provide the added benefit of real-time data collection and event capture, to help manufacturers adjust packaging lines for better results.

Highly automated packaging lines make use of all three solutions in various combinations. What quality control measures do you use on your packaging line? What benefits have you seen from integrating these solutions? Comment below and let us know.

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